Payroll Management and Reporting in Excel (PMRE)
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Course Title :  Payroll Management and Reporting in Excel
Date : 8th - 9th August, 2017

Easily generate pay slips, monthly/quarterly/annual reports, adhoc queries and reports  in minutes

Attend this 2-day interactive and highly practical course and benefit by:

  • Developing the ability to easily and quickly setup a reliable payroll database
  • Understanding how to use Microsoft Excel to easily generate professional pay slips and payroll reports in minutes
  • Create “adhoc” reports that will support and drive payroll expense decisions
  • Saving a significant amount of time (up to 1 – 2 weeks each month) preparing payroll to ensure there are no errors. 
  • Learning to automate SSF and other statutory reports which once done can be left alone, while you work exclusively with an Excel interface
  • Building Tax Filing modules once, and then using macros for future returns
  • Setting up payroll dashboards and analysis modules to show and interpret payroll expenses as opposed to simply producing payroll due to time constraints
  • Learning how to set system controls to deal with Ghost names and highlight problems as they occur


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